Towards achieving the overall objective of NEREUS – and before implementing the final module – the partner institutions will deliver, teach, test and evaluate the implemented educational material (Intellectual Outputs) through five Learning/Teaching/Training activities, each one in the form of 5-days-long Intensive Course (IP). Each IP will take place in a different partner institution and with a different audience of postgraduate/postgraduate students every time, thus constituting a multicultural educational environment with added value especially for those who have not the chance to move around Europe mainly due to economic and geographical obstacles. The lessons learnt from each Intensive Course will be taken into account when preparing the subsequent Intellectual Output and prior to organising/implementing the next Intensive Course. For this reason, a Quality Assessment Questionnaire (evaluation form) will be delivered to all participants, and the collected feedback will be processed/analysed for making the necessary adaptations related both to the content and the training method, thus contributing towards improving the organization and the methodology of teaching. In this respect, the aim of each NEREUS Intensive Course is threefold:

  • to educate/teach/train a diversified audience of students on the content of each Intellectual Output,
  • to evaluate the overall quality of the educational material and the learning processes, and
  • to analyse the collected feedback for taking the appropriate measures and making the corresponding adaptations/improvements.


NEREUS Intensive Courses