NEREUS is an ERASMUS+ project in the field of “Next generation networked media over 4G+ infrastructures”, funded by the State Scholarships Foundation of the Greek Ministry of Education (IKY) under the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education (KA2) framework (2016-1-EL01-KA203-023637). Its main objective is to offer a multidisciplinary programme for skills development, involving principles from Informatics and Internet technologies, Telecommunications and Network engineering, Social Media sciences and Security. Towards this direction, NEREUS elaborates on cutting-edge topics that are of major importance for societal, cultural and economic prosperity, and with strategic impact in Europe’s 2020 Agenda for sustainable growth and competitiveness both at national and regional levels, focusing onto:

  • Novel media coding and “green” transport mechanisms

  • Open network architectures with service orchestration

  • QoS/QoE modelling & management

  • Next generation cloud-based services

  • Secure and trustworthy communications

In this context, NEREUS aims to develop/offer educational material to final year Bachelor and 1st year MSc students in the form of 5 courses and test/evaluate them through intensive courses (one week duration each), which will be summarised in a whole module of 10 ECTS. All material will be delivered in e-learning format/courses, through open-access platforms. Each course will undergo quality evaluation processes by all participants during the corresponding intensive programme (feedback will be used for fine tuning the educational material), while the final module will be submitted for recognition and accreditation to the relevant HEI’s bodies, as well as to the national Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agencies, at the closure phase. Upon successful completion, undergraduate students will be accredited the ECTS that correspond to the final year thesis, while the postgraduate ones with 5 or 6 ECTS (whichever is appropriate). Overall, we aim to have more than 200 student attendees from the participating institutions, and those who will successfully participate will be handed the NEREUS Certificate of Attendance, where all their achievements will be complementary mentioned, similarly to a Diploma Supplement.

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